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What You Need To Know About Law School Deadlines

Because law schools use a rolling admissions cycle, it is often daunting to figure out each school’s application deadline, if they have one at all, and what one should do if the stated deadline has passed. “Hard” vs. “Soft” Law School Deadlines Because of the rolling nature of the law school admissions cycle, candidates submit… View Article

How to Navigate Law School’s “Rolling Admissions Cycle” to Your Advantage

An uncommon and often confusing feature of the law school admissions process is that it uses a rolling admissions cycle. In this article, we’ll explore the rolling admissions cycle that law schools use and provide tips on how to navigate the process to your advantage. How does rolling admissions work? Most admissions processes are based… View Article

10 MIT Sloan MBA Admission Tips

Determined adventurers, MIT Sloan students possess a can-do spirit, and at times, a readiness to bend the rules. If that sounds like you, consider the following 10 MBA admissions tips from a Sloan alumni and entrepreneur who has counseled hundreds of MBA candidates seeking admission to Sloan and other top business schools. 1. Demonstrating leadership,… View Article
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Tips for the Wharton Team-Based Discussion Interview

Congratulations, you have been invited to interview at Wharton! Making it this far in the business school application process is a HUGE win, but preparing for the unique Team-Based Discussion presents new challenges. Stratus Prep offers the following tips for the Wharton Team-Based Discussion Interview: Rehearse. Rehearse your one minute solution out loud and time… View Article
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How to Get Into a Top Law School

Everything you need to know about applying and getting accepted to the top law schools – from preparing your law school application and selecting the right schools to writing your personal statement and securing letters of recommendations. To paraphrase Charles Dickens: for law school applicants, it is the best of times, and it is the… View Article

What Roles Do “Diversity” and “Race” Play in College Admissions?

It’s important to note that colleges frame their efforts to create a more varied student body as “diversity” initiatives as opposed to “race” initiatives. This is because the term “diversity” is a much looser term, with “race” being just one aspect of it. In recent years there has been much debate in both the college… View Article
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How to Choose the Right Person to Write Your College Recommendation

Here’s how to get the best college recommendation letters from teachers, coaches, and extracurricular leaders. When you’re writing your essay prompts, you are answering questions based on your individual experiences – conversely, a recommendation is someone else writing about you from an outside perspective. As such, colleges use recommendations as a way to get a different… View Article
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Which Extracurricular Activities Help Your College Application Stand Out

Learn what colleges look for to differentiate students from the rest of the applicant pool and which activities are better than others. Colleges are looking for people who excel in multiple arenas, rather than in academics alone. The type of extracurricular activities you choose to do and how well you perform them is a good… View Article
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What You Need to Know to Get into Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management

Learn what’s required to prove you belong at Kellogg and to present yourself as a leader in your industry, as well as a growth-oriented team-player. Kellogg’s culture is embodied in leadership and teamwork abilities as well as a history of positive transformation and growth. In order to create a student body that reflects the school’s mission,… View Article
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