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7 Things to do in February to prepare for Round 1 MBA Applications

While Round 1 applications may seem far away, preparing now will allow you to develop a well thought out and comprehensive application. Here are 7 things you should be thinking about in February: Spend time doing self-assessment and reflection. Relax. Forget that you are thinking about getting an MBA.  Instead, think about your proudest moments…. View Article
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Five Things You Need to Know About Taking the GMAT/GRE

The following provides 5 important tips to determine which test to take; how to cancel scores; which scores are most important; and more. As MBA applicants know, standardized test scores are a vital part of the business school application process. For you, the candidate, it is important to understand the testing process, timelines, and differences… View Article
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Five Ways to Sparkle on Your Skype Interviews

If you can master the Skype interview, your chances for MBA admission are greatly enhanced. Here are five tips that can ensure your next Skype interview is a sparkling success. Chances are you may find yourself doing a Skype interview at least once during the MBA admissions process. While the basics of interviewing remain the… View Article
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7 things to consider if you weren’t accepted to your dream MBA program (this year!)

What to do if the application process and didn’t produce the results you had hoped for. It can be frustrating when you feel you did all you could do in the application process and didn’t see the results you had hoped for. It’s also a good time to step back, reflect, and think about what… View Article
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6 Insider Insights for the Wharton Team-Based Discussion Interview

What to do when you receive that coveted email inviting you to the Wharton team-based discussion (TBD). I applied to Wharton knowing the application process. Still, when I received that coveted email inviting me to the team-based discussion (TBD), I had a flash of panic. I remember looking at flights, weighing my options, and making… View Article
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Women2.0, The Secret to Success: Just Ask for What You Want

by Susan Cera, Stratus Director of MBA Admissions & Graduate School Admissions 5 steps for women in tech to establish and fortify essential professional relationships, and build a career that is both desired and warranted. Read more