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MBA Admissions Testimonials

“There is no doubt in the quality of the Stratus Team. I had a great GMAT tutor. He clearly knew the material well and was able to explain and break down problems in the simplest way. He also tailored his teaching style to suit my needs, and I really appreciated his flexibility. As for admissions counseling, the experience was just amazing. Shawn took the time out to understand my background, experience, strengths and weaknesses, career objectives, as well as my reasons for getting an MBA. He assigned me an advisor who was a Harvard Business School alumna. She was also knowledgeable about the other schools to which I applied to, and regularly checked in with me on my progress. I worked closely with both Shawn and her on application strategy, essays, and interview prep. They are insightful and very familiar with all of the programs and schools I selected. While I wrote all of my essays myself; I worked hard and the content is 100% true to my personal experience–, they provided great guidance on the structural direction. Their edits allowed my words to showcase the best part of me and to fit my experience with the targets of each school. Most importantly, they always responded quickly but thoughtfully to all of my questions, and worked with me under a tight timeline. They were also a great help when it came to mock interviews (They went through pretty much all of the questions that I encountered in the real interviews). As a result, I was fully prepared for my interviews.”

– Jen Z. admitted to Wharton, 750 on GMAT (top choice)

“Stratus Prep’s GMAT and MBA admissions services were exceptional. Before using Stratus Prep, I was just your average MBA applicant that knew very little about the admissions process. Thanks to my tutor and consultant, I was able to significantly boost my GMAT score and was accepted to an elite school. The personal admissions consulting services were top notch; it is the bump that vaulted me ahead of my competition in terms of preparation”

– Burt, admitted to Columbia, 720 on GMAT (top choice)

“Hope you are doing well.  I wanted to give you a quick update – I received an acceptance call from INSEAD and am truly excited at the opportunity.  I will be accepting and look forward to joining them by the end of August.  Once again, I truly want to thank you for your assistance and efforts that helped me realize this dream.  You provide a great service and I wish you continued success for the future.”

– V. A., admitted to INSEAD (top choice)

“I worked with Stratus Prep and had a really positive experience. They are professional, responsive, and know the top schools inside and out. It’s a relatively small company that seems to have grown a lot through word of mouth (That’s how I heard about them.) I felt like, since they were smaller, they offered more personalized attention and customization than what I saw other friends receive from bigger counseling firms which seemed more like an assembly line.

I am heading to HBS this fall and I would not have gotten in without their help. A number of my friends and colleagues have also used Stratus. Not every single one has gotten into HBS, but they have all been admitted to top schools and feel like Stratus went above and beyond to help them craft the best possible application.”

– Jennifer, admitted to HBS (top choice)

“Happy New Year! I’m extremely excited about being accepted to Columbia, and I can say with certainty that your expertise and guidance as well as Jeff’s played a huge part. I’ve actually been very open about working with Stratus Prep with everyone who I’ve spoken to about grad school, and I will definitely continue to do so. Thank you so much for all of your guidance!”

– Chris, admitted to Columbia (top choice)

“If you need to get into HBS, Stratus Prep is the hands down choice! The place is run by a bunch of HBS grads who treat you like gold. They are so attentive and emailed or called me on weekends and even once in the middle of the night when I was having a mini-meltdown.”

– Daniella, admitted to HBS (top choice)

“Going to Kellogg with the incredible help of Stratus Prep. Shawn and my consultant Samantha never made me feel I had to give up on my goal of going to a top b-school (even though I had a lower gmat score). My background is in education and teaching and I want to transition into charter school management. I knew people who worked with b-school consultants before, and I was skeptical and uncertain about the costs like most people…it ended up being the smartest decision I could have made and definitely a huge part of the reason I got into Kellogg. Samantha, was meticulous, very informative, and always accessible. I started working with Stratus Prep in November (for January due dates) which was a little late; but Samantha was really great about responding quickly especially with the time crunch. I really liked the collaboration between my consultant and Shawn (the founder) who was very involved in every step of the application process. Shawn is really smart and knew how to leverage my TFA experience as well as stuff I would not have though to write about on my own (such as: my thesis for my masters in education, an independent study project I did in undergrad). Because I was so preoccupied with studying for the GMAT, I assumed that since I was a pretty good writer, the essays would be no big deal. If I had done it on my own, I don’t think I would have made myself as well-rounded because I would have probably written a lot about my teaching experience, which Shawn heavily advised me not to do. I also didn’t realize how valuable some of the other stuff I had done was to the admissions committee. Before you begin your essays, Stratus Prep makes you do these outlining exercises where you brainstorm all your leadership positions, character traits, learning experiences etc. which I found very worthwhile.

In the end, I was invited to interview at every school I applied to (Duke, Michigan, Columbia, and Kellogg- interviews everyone) with the exception of Yale, which was surprising. I got into both Kellogg and Duke. I am very excited to go to Kellogg this fall .This has been said before and it is necessary to say again, the GMAT does not mean everything and a huge amount of focus must be on your essays. If you want to go to a top MBA program, regardless of your profile, I believe you will find it incredibly valuable working with Stratus Prep, not only on your essays, but every part of your application including resume, recs, and interviews.”

– S.D., admitted to Kellogg (top choice)

“I applied to three schools, and the applications and essays for each school were completely different. My Stratus Prep admissions counselor kept me on track and helped me not get overwhelmed by what can be an extremely grueling process. With Stratus Prep’s help, I was accepted to Wharton, Columbia and Darden!”

– Veronica, admitted to Wharton, Columbia and Darden

GMAT Testimonials

“Stratus Prep actually cares about every one of their clients, and they really want you to succeed. From the first time I called to ask about GMAT Tutoring, everyone was so friendly and accommodating. Just knowing they were behind me 100% made me want to do better, and I did!”

– Gabrielle

“I bought a few GMAT books, but they were confusing, disorganized, and I was never motivated to study. My Stratus Prep tutor explained concepts so I could understand them, and he assigned me lots of homework to keep me on track. It worked! I never thought I would break 700, but I got a 730!!”

– Andy

Law Admissions Testimonials

“I was accepted to Harvard with a 170 on my LSAT after doing Law School Admissions with Stratus Prep! I thought my numbers were way too low, but my admissions counselor helped me with my entire strategy, including mock interviews before the real thing. I didn’t think I had a chance at Harvard, but here I am!”

– Devon

LSAT Testimonials

“I was the first of my friends to take Stratus Prep’s LSAT class. After they kept hearing me bragging about my score increasing with every practice exam (up to a 171 on the real LSAT!!!), they all signed up too! Now we’re all at top-10 law schools.”

– Amanda

“I usually get anxious when I take standardized tests, but my Stratus Prep tutor gave me some really helpful relaxation techniques. And he taught me so well that I felt completely prepared on the day of the exam, so I had nothing to be nervous about! I actually scored 2 points higher than my highest practice test!”

– Sam