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Success Stories

Success Stories
Jennifer A.
When Jennifer A. came to Stratus Prep, she was scoring in the 120s on the LSAT. After completing the Stratus Prep LSAT course, a number of hours of private LSAT Tutoring, and countless Stratus Prep PracTests, Jennifer increased over 30 points, scoring in the 160s on the real exam. Admitted to a number of top 25 law schools, Jennifer A. enrolled at Boston College for her 1L year. Committed to her academic and professional success, Jennifer completed the Stratus Prep Law School Bootcamp before enrolling at BC Law School. As a result, Jennifer landed at the top of her 1L class and recently transferred to Columbia Law School with the help of Stratus Prep Transfer Admissions Counseling.

Julia R.
Julia R. came to Stratus Prep with a 3.8+ GPA from Columbia college but only a 155 LSAT score. After completing the Stratus Prep LSAT course and taking advantage of our unlimited PracTests, Julia scored a 176 on her real LSAT. With the help of her Stratus Prep Admissions Counselor Julia not only won admission to Harvard and Stanford, where she is now a law student, but also to Columbia and Michigan where she won full merit scholarships.

Daniela S.
Daniela S. came to Stratus Prep with just one goal in mind – to attend HBS. Though she had less than 2 years of fulltime work experience, Stratus Prep was confident that our counselors and tutors could help her win admission to her dream school. After helping Daniela increase her GMAT score by over 150 points, Stratus Prep worked diligently with her to craft a near perfect HBS application. Today Daniela is a proud second year student at Harvard Business School.

Andrew S.
Andrew S. came to Stratus Prep with just a 2.7 undergraduate GPA, an approximate GMAT score of 600 and a number of years in finance. After 20 hours of GMAT tutoring, Andrew scored well over 700 on his real GMAT and won admission to a number of top MBA programs including the University of Michigan’sRoss School of Business where he is now a student.