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Stratus PrepIn The News

stratus prep in the news


Stratus Prep in the News with Founder/CEO Shawn O’Connor currently writing two columns:

Additionally, Stratus Prep and Shawn O’Connor have recently appeared in the following:

“Entrepreneurship: Individual Accomplishments, National Impact”
4/29/13, Princeton Financier

“Want to get into a top B-school? Quit your day job.”
5/31/12, Fortune
“Investment needed in networking education”
5/21/12, Financial Times

“The Degree Isn’t Everything: Tips From MBAs On Getting Ahead”
5/11/12, Business Insider

“How To Be Better: Meet MBA Professional Shawn O’Connor”
4/24/12, Better Weekdays

“What’s hiding behind the buzzwords in job ads?”
2/28/12, Fortune/CNNMoney

“When friends and work just don’t mix”
1/30/12, Fortune/CNNMoney

“Now may be the time to snag a new career”
1/15/12, Star-Ledger

“2012 will see growth in job postings, rise of ‘patchwork professionals'”
1/1/12, Star-Ledger

“What do you think business leaders need to learn?”
11/11/11, Businessweek

“You Are Not A Number”
10/8/11, Big Think

“Outsmart the Test!”
10/8/11, Big Think

“Why Standardized Tests Fail Us (And How You Can Beat Them)”
10/8/11, Big Think

“Last-Minute Financial Aid for College Students”
9/15/11, SmartMoney

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Standardized Test”
9/9/11, Big Think

“Don’t Over-Network”
6/16/11, AOL Small Business

“Use Your Customers for Marketing”
6/14/11, AOL Small Business

“Global MBAs: Finding one that fits the bill
4/20/11, Fortune

“Jobs scarce for lawyers with lesser degrees”
2/9/11, Aol

“When law school is worth the cost”
1/20/11, Fortune

“Bankers: Don’t fret. Harvard Biz School still loves you.”
12/23/10, Fortune/CNN.com

“How to find hidden jobs”
12/13/10, am New York

“Interview with Stratus Prep Founder Shawn O’Connor”
10/29/10, About.com

“Learn More About Stratus Prep”
10/29/10, About.com

Women’s Wear Daily

“Last-Minute Financial Aid for College Students”
9/15/10, SmartMoney

“7 Reasons To Go Back To School Now”
8/4/10, Investopedia

“Grad School Minus Another Loan”
8/3/10, iGrad”

“Pitfalls to Consider in Two-Tiered Associate Tracks”
7/22/10, Law360



“You Are Not a Number”
10/8/11, Big Think