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Code of Ethics

Our Code Of Ethics

Stratus Prep is serious about ethically guiding our students to success on the LSAT, GMAT, and GRE and throughout the application process to leading law schools, business schools, and graduate schools.

Adherence to this Code of Ethics is critical if Stratus Prep is to best serve its current and future clients. Our adherence to this Code of Ethics since its founding has allowed Stratus Prep to earn the respect of clients as well as admissions officers and school administrators at the nation’s leading law, business, and graduate schools. These relationships as well as the confidence and trust of our clients are critical to our ability to have unmatched admissions success. As such, all of our professors, tutors, counselors, employees, executives, and clients are expected to adhere to this Code of Ethics.

All information (including but not limited to test scores, academic records, financial information, personal information) that clients share with Stratus Prep tutors, admissions counselors, and employees is deemed highly confidential and shall be held in the strictest confidence. This information will not be released without sign authorization by the client.
While we are deeply committed to helping our students win entrance to the top graduate schools in the nation, under no circumstances, will Stratus Prep take a test on behalf of a student or write a student’s essay/application on his or her behalf.

Stratus Prep tutors will use real, released LSAT, GMAT, and GRE questions alongside Stratus Prep’s industry-leading, proprietary test-taking strategies, tactics, frameworks, and methodologies to help students score in the top 1% or even 1/10th of 1% on the aforementioned exams.

Stratus Prep admissions counselors will leverage their deep expertise and unparalleled experience in the graduate schools admissions process to help their clients present their best selves to the schools to which they apply and tailor their applications to the specific admissions criteria of each school.

Stratus Prep admissions counselors never engage in “influence peddling” (recommending individual students to admissions committee members) which is not only highly unethical but also ineffective.

Stratus Prep and its tutors, counselors, and employees will not sign/submit personal or professional letters of recommendation on behalf of clients with the exception of clients who have previously worked for or currently work for Stratus Prep (in these cases, the letters of recommendation shall focus exclusively on the client’s work with Stratus Prep). This provision shall not prohibit admissions counselors from coaching clients on preparing letters of recommendation for the clients’ own personal and professional recommenders; it simply prevents Stratus Prep tutors, counselors, and employees from serving as recommenders themselves.

Stratus Prep admissions counselors, tutors, and employees shall never encourage a client to lie, cheat, or misrepresent himself or herself in any part of the admissions process. Nor will Stratus Prep or its admissions counselors, tutors, and employees knowingly assist a client in deceiving a school through the provision of incorrect or misleading information.
While Stratus Prep and its admissions counselors often help students negotiate competing financial aid offers in order to maximize a student’s financial aid, Stratus Prep and its admissions counselors will not encourage a student to submit multiple seat deposits when this is prohibited by one of the schools in question or the pertinent governing admissions body (e.g. the Law School Admissions Council, Graduate Management Admissions Council).