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MBA Admissions ConsultingYour personal application guide.

  • Stratus Prep’s MBA admissions counselors have extensive experience in successfully negotiating the application process at all of the nation’s top MBA programs including HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago, Columbia, Tuck, and NYU.
  • Stratus Prep has achieved unprecedented success rates. Stratus Prep has an approximate lifetime success rate of 70% at Wharton (and many other top schools) and of 60% at Harvard Business School.
  • All of Stratus Prep’s MBA Admissions Consulting counselors are graduates themselves of top 10 MBA programs and boast significant admissions consulting experience.
  • Stratus Prep provides MBA Admissions consulting services to clients across the world from Mumbai to New York to London.

Founder, Shawn O’Connor, is a regularly feature columnist for Forbes.

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Our Methodology Stratus Prep has had the greatest success when guiding students through every step of the admissions process from school selection and choosing/coaching recommenders to outlining/editing essays and preparing for interviews. If you prefer, however, you may purchase any of these services individually as well.
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Results to Stratus Prep’s MBA Admissions Consulting recent successes include the following: A student with a GMAT in the 500s admitted to Harvard Business School A student admitted to Columbia Business School with a full scholarship An overall success rates at numerous top schools, including Wharton, of ~70%
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Pricing Stratus Prep offers MBA Admissions Consulting either on a per school basis (where all services for a given number of schools are included at a fixed price) or on an hourly basis. We find that the all-inclusive packages tend to be both more successful and more cost-effective; however, we are happy to work with you to determine which option works best given your needs. For more information about these options and specific prices, please click here.
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