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LSAT Statisics:Our Results


Stratus Prep has had unparalleled success in preparing students for the LSAT. Our clients average a 12 point score increase, the nation’s highest, and we have had students increase by as many as 32 points. Countless Stratus Prep students have scored in the high 170s and 180.

Our average score increase continues to go even higher as we further refine our curriculum each and every year.

Below please find a sample of the results that Stratus Prep has been able to generate:

Julia R. 155 176
Rob F. 170 180
Elizabeth S. 161 175
Jennifer A. 129 161
Jason B. 162 175
Matt K. 149 166
Sam W. 141 163
Andrew K. 160 176
Gail H. 158 171
Frank C. 153 170
Peter K. 152 172

While it will take a lot of time and commitment on your part and ours, we are confident that, by working with Stratus Prep, you will attain the LSAT score you need to attend your dream score. We look forward to being at your side each and every step of the way.