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At Stratus Prep, we understand that students’ individual needs vary. Therefore, we offer two attractive pricing options:

The Law School Admissions Counseling Package

With the Law School Admissions Counseling Package, students get up to 15 hours of individualized coaching with a professional Stratus Prep Admissions Counselor uniquely qualified to meet their needs.

A student’s Stratus Prep Counselor is his/her partner, who will be right there with him/her each step of the way, serving as not only a knowledgeable resource but also an additional emotional support during what can be trying times for any student.

Here are the Law School Admissions Counseling Package prices:

Work with a Stratus Prep Law School Admissions Counselor: $3,250 (a $5,000 value!)

Work directly with Stratus Prep Founder/CEO Shawn O’Connor: $9,750 (only 5 spaces per year!)

One-on-One Hourly Assistance

For students who may already be well into the admissions process or who have very limited and particularized needs, we are happy to offer any of the services above on an hourly basis. The hourly rate for these services depends on the counselor’s level of expertise (please note all counselors are graduated of a top 10 law school and have significant admissions experience):

Stratus Prep Law School Admissions Counselor: $250
Stratus Prep Founder and CEO, Shawn O’Connor: $750 *Minimum 5 hour purchase required