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GRE Study PlanHow You Will Get There

As competition to win a space in the nation’s top graduate programs has increased, schools continue to raise the bar in terms of both an applicant’s GRE score and GPA.

For years, Stratus Prep has successfully prepared students for the GRE examination through the development of customized programs geared towards each individual’s capabilities and the demands of the programs to which he/she is applying.

Starting from Stratus Prep’s proprietary GRE Coursebook, our GRE tutors build a customized curriculum for your GRE preparation based on the results of your diagnostic and the expectations of the program to which you are applying.

This curriculum could consist of, among many other units, an intensive vocabulary “build out” which will quickly teach you the 1,000+ most common words on the exam and/or a comprehensive quantitative review which will cover everything from probability to the volume of a sphere.

Please contact Stratus Prep’s office at 212- 307-1788 to speak with an experienced GRE instructor who will be happy to put together a program sure to meet your specific needs.